The taste of Istanbul

Istanbul is colorful, Istanbul is picturesque, Istanbul is delicious. Among with the countless historical monuments, the beautiful tulips (especially in April and May during the Tulip festival), Istanbul offers great gastronomic variety as well.

You could find traditional restaurants which offer the food how it’s been cooked for centuries – as Kofte (Meatballs), Menemen (Crumbled eggs with tomatoes, bell peppers and spices), all the varieties of Kebab, Lahmacun (tiny bread with spicy beef topping) and so many other delicious dishes.

But you could also find new and modern restaurants which serves Gourmet and Fusion dishes as well. The street food should not be missed too – Doner Kebab, Roasted Sweet corn and Chestnuts, Roasted Mussles, Borek, Simit.

And the best part is – the desserts – Baklava, Turkish delight, Kunefe, Halva, Pismaniye, Asure, Tulumba and so many more…

Except the traditional turkish Pastry shops, I would also recommend a cup of Turkish coffee with amazing desserts and the great view towards Bosphorus in Ciragan Palace Kempinski (a former Baroque style Ottoman palace, built in 1867, currently a five-star Kempinski hotel).

Both the interior and the exterior of the Ciragan Palace will bring you back to the 19th century, but at the same time will compliment you with great service and hospitality.

The warm attitude and the hospitality you will have the whole time and everywhere you are in Istanbul (and perhaps in whole Turkey) – it is a part of the culture in this intersting country, a crossroad between Europe and Asia.

I hope that you enjoyed the little tour in Istanbul with The Healthy Land 🙂

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