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Our food experience at Lago di Como

Hello my dear friends 🙂

I hope you enjoy as much as you can the summertime. My husband and I are just back from our honeymoon and I can’t wait to share our food experience and inspirations during it. In each city we visited, we notices the biggest chalange was where and what to eat. That’s why I decided to share with you what we liked and enjoyed the most.

I will start with Lago di Como, Italy. What an amazing place… we had a lovely day at the lake – had a walk, took a boat trip and went up to Brunate with funicular. We expected the food there to be extremely costy, but in fact you could eat well and not to spend a small fortune. We had lunch in a nice restaurant near the Cathedral of Como. There was a daily menu (in most of the restaurants there are daily menus) with 3 dishes for a dicent price (in our case – each manu was 25 EUR, drinks excluded). Our menu was compsed of:

Antipasto – Insalata di Lago tiepida in carpione (a warm fish salad),

Primo – Risotto alla Lariana (Risotto with fish – the tastiest Risotto I have ever had)

Secondo – Filetti di trota salmonata alle mandorle con papate saute (Trout salmon fillet with almonds and potatoes saute).

This amazing food we had with a glas of white wine from the region – Aldo Rainoldi – Zapel. The food was simply fantastic, the wine as well.

After a nice walk around the lake, we needed a rest and what is better in this case than another glas of wine with a view 🙂 We took the funicular to Brunate and found the most amazing views to the Lake – Il Balcone sul Lago cafe. The girls working there were very friendly, the views – stunning and it wasn’t costy at all. A glas of Pinot Grigio was served for only 3,50 EUR.

At the end, when you go back with the funicular to Como, you could enjoy Aperitivo (a drink with buffet included) for only 10 EUR (which is in fact even cheaper than in Milan). You could find Aperitivo in most of the cafes, even on the once around the lake.

I hope that these food tips will help you out if you are planning a trip to Como anytime soon. If you have your own experience on the lake, I will be happy to hear them 🙂

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The taste of Rome

Hello from Rome, my dear friends :)After 5 days here I am writing you to share with you the taste of Rome. I hope that you will like it too!

Minestrone di verdure, Lasagna Bolognese, Fried frog legs
Ravioli with walnuts and radicchio 

Raw spinach salad with parmigiano cheese, mushrooms and princess pine nuts

Tagliatelle with seafood 

Tiramisu and chocolate tart

Trattoria in Trastevere

Здравейте от Рим, мили приятели 🙂

След 5 дни тук ви пиша, за да споделя с вас вкуса на Рим. Надявам се, че ще хареса и на вас!

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Hello Rome!

Hello my dear frienda and greetings from the beautiful Rome :)I am writing you to share with you the first food impressions from this amazing city. Next days I will keep sharing them with you 🙂

Здравейте, мили приятели и поздрави от красивия Рим 🙂

Пиша ви, за да споделя с вас първи впечатления за храната в този страхотен град. Следващите дни ще продължа да ги споделям с вас 🙂

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